Traditional Houses

Traditional Houses

La Casa del Curato is a house of typical Canarian architecture which was built on two floors in 1817. Since its construction it has always been the house where the Parish Priest in Mogán lives. Around 80 priests have lived in it up until now.

It is a typical example of traditional Canarian architecture. It consists of two parts in an L shape with a tiled gabled roof on a structure of ridgepole wood.

The wooden balcony has a tiled roof and there is a balcony also made of wood with a tiled roof which provides access to the upper floor.

 Mogán has many other examples of traditional Canarian architecture.

One example is the house of Pie la Cuesta which lies at the beginning of the road that leads to the dam of Las Niñas (The Dam of the Little Girls). There are aother two houses here as well as a furnace and warehouses.
On the road to Veneguera are the Houses of Almácigos, which are amongst the oldest buildings of this type on the island.
Throughout the municipality you can find more samples of traditional housing, both in the Barranco de Mogán (Mogán Ravine), as in in the towns of Veneguera, Barranquillo Andrés, Soria and El Sao as well as other areas of the municipality.

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