Mogán – A blue Paradise

Mogán – A blue Paradise

Mogán lives by and on the sea. Along its more than16 kilometers of coastline lie two of the main fishing ports in the Canary Islands where more than 60 boats dedicated to traditional fishing have their base.

The associations of fishermen located in Arguineguin and Playa de Mogán are two great examples of a well-run fishing sector at a regional level. Amongst other things they run their own restaurants showcasing the fantastic seafood available here. Every year all kinds of oceanic species of high value species are caught here. Red sea bream, moray eels, shrimp, white breams, mullet, cockles, mackerel and several kinds of tuna are only some of the species that you can taste and which are freshly caught by our fishermen.

Pelagic fish make up the majority of the catch in Mogán and especially those belonging to the tuna family. This type of fish is highly prized as it contains all the essential amino acids, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, provides vitamin D and is delicious as well as easy to prepare.

The Town Hall created the Mogan Tuna Fair to showcase these gastronomic delights and all visitors here at the beginning of August can come and enjoy all the different dishes that can be created using locally caught tuna.

It is also possible to practice recreational fishing here. There are a range of companies which offer daily excursions for anyone who would like to enjoy a day of fishing. At the sports harbours in Puerto Rico, Anfi del Mar and Puerto de Mogán there are a number of boats offering these services.

In the waters that surround Mogan you can find the most sought after species for deep sea fishing enthusiasts such as tuna, gilt head bream, white marlin and of course the precious Marlines (blue marlin). The largest marlin caught on record weighed more than 1,000 pounds (500 kilos).

It is also possible to enjoy regular excursions in the area to watch all kinds of cetaceans and other marine life (whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, etc.). There are also a number of great dive centres which further complement a tourist destination which is highly linked to the sea.

One can say Mogán is a big blue paradise as we have clear blue skies for more than 360 days a year, because of the great blue marlin that swims in our waters and because of the fantastic blue water which sorrounds us.

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