Cycling / Mountain Bikes

Gran Canaria, and especially the southern part of the island, is perfect for cycling due to its magnificent climate and more than 350 days of good weather per year, which enables bike riding practically every day. of the year. This undoubtedly makes Mogán a really great area for cycling. Its lanscape offers cyclists everything from roads with spectacular views along the coast to steep ascents, making Mogán a truly perfect training ground for both professional and amateur cyclists. If bringing your bike from home is a problem, there are different companies in the area,where you can rent equipment and start enjoying training or tours.

What better way to discover the mountains, ravine and trails than on a mountain bike! There are different companies in the area where you can rent bikes located in Playa de Mogán, Puerto Rico, Anfi del Mar and Arguineguín.

Bike and Mountain Bike Routes in Mogán

Route Mogán - Laja de la Mula

Route Mogán - Laja de la Mula

From Puerto de Mogán to Laja de la Mula crossing Playa del...

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