Patron Saint Festivities

There are several fiestas and festivals to visit in the municipality of Mogán throughout the summer months. Some of these are religious festivals and others celebrate traditions or products important to the area.
The fiestas in the area begin on May 30th in honour of Our Lady, Nuestra Señora María Auxiliadora, in Motor Grande, Puerto Rico, and end in August with an early fiesta for Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Concepción (Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception) in Barranquillo Andrés.

If you are in Mogán on June 13 you can take part in the most important fiesta in the area, in honour of Saint Anthony of Padua.

There are in fact two fiestas during the year in honour of Saint Anthony of Padua; the first is on June 13, San Antonio el Chico, and the second is on the first Sunday in August, San Antonio el Grande. This second fiesta has its origins in a pledge made by the people of Mogán to Saint Anthony. When a plague of locusts was laying waste to their fields, the local inhabitants promised to decorate the statue of the saint and to buy a new processional throne, if he would free them from this misfortune, and since that time, more than seventy years ago, the first Sunday in August celebrates marks this event.

The main fiesta in the town is, however, June 13. The procession and the religious services are the most important events. The procession is held on the Saturday before June 13, and all the neighbourhoods of the area are represented, as well as other neighbouring towns and even visitors from other islands who come to worship and make offerings to the patron saint.  All the participants in the procession are dressed in traditional costumes from the Canary Islands, and there is no lack of rum, wine, crunchy bread, soft cheese, wrinkled potatoes, spicy mojo sauce, “roscos” (similar to doughnuts), pancakes, chocolate, “beletén” (milk from a goat that has recently given birth) or baked fish and an endless list of tapas to provide strength for the procession-goers on their walk to the statue of the saint.

La Virgen del Carmen

Our Lady, La Virgen del Carmen, is the patron saint of sailors, and her feast day is observed in the fishing towns of Arguineguín and Playa de Mogán. The maritime procession and the religious service close the celebrations, which include a variety of events, with one of the highlights being the “Bajada de la rama” (the descent of the branch) held on the Saturday before the festivities of La Virgen del Carmen. The most important of these events takes place in Arguineguín and can last for up to three hours. There is a procession through the main streets, with people dancing. It is traditional for the locals to throw water from their balconies in order to cool down the dancers.

In the middle of July there is the religious ceremony and the terrestrial procession, where sailors dressed in white carry the virgin up to Marañuelas Beach where they pray a rosary. The major event is the maritime procession, held on the following Sunday, when the statue of Our Lady is taken form the port of Arguineguín to the port of Mogán, with the return journey being completed the following Sunday. On that day, the sailors decorate their boats, in order to celebrate the big day to the rhythm of the musical bands, the noise of the motors of the boats and the sound of people enjoying themselves. The most picturesque part of this procession is when the two statues meet on arrival at the fishing port. Afterwards there is a procession to the town square, where there is dancing to the band, and later the procession returns to the starting point.

The following week there is the fiesta of Playa de Mogán, also in honour of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, following the same maritime route but in the other direction.

Lady of the Fatima

On August 15th fiestas are held in honour of Nuestra Señora de Fatima (Our Lady of the Fatima). These are local festivities, in which all the people of Veneguera participate. Around May the 13th in Veneguera, you can join the locals at a religious service followed by a procession to accompany the statue of Our Lady, with flaming torches lighting up the passing of the faithful through the main streets of the town.

Nativity scene in Veneguera

The nativity scene in Veneguera on the 25th of December is a traditional re-enactment of the birth of Jesus, which, due to the participation of the whole town, has become a living exhibition of traditional occupations, crafts and customs.

San Andrés and Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Concepción

In Barranquillo Andrés and Soria there are the fiestas held in honour of San Andrés and Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Concepción (Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception), which are very much centred on the town and in which everyone takes part.