There is a School of Folklore in Mogán, which has been giving classes on the folklore of the Canary Islands to neighbourhood groups, social clubs and schools for the past twenty years.
The School has educated young people and adults who have gone on to develop, care for, and maintain local customs and music.

The work of the School is reflected in the variety of events that the Department of Youth and Culture puts on every year through the School of Folklore. These include folklore encounters, processions, dances, carol singing, midnight mass, live nativity scenes, carnival with its music groups and the popular fiestas in the municipality. Attendance at these events are increasing every year, helping preserve the unique culture and heritage.
Mogán has several folklore and music groups that perform both inside and outside the municipality, showcasing the cultural heritage of the Canary Islands.

Mogán Folklore Groups

The Fishermen of Arguineguín

Pensioners Folklore Group

Made up of around 50 members who are all pensioners, with musicians, singers and dancers (they also perform traditional dances).

This group was formed 8 years ago and has a direct link with traditional music, as it is made up of older men and women, who are familiar with the music that was played in the municipality and its surroundings 40 or 50 years ago. A lot of the music they play is based on this music.

They have participated in several folklore events in different parts of mainland Spain, such as Asturias, Galicia and Segovia, showcasing traditional music and culture from the area.

Parranda Guayajares

This music group is made up of young people and adults from Barranquillo Andrés and Soria. It includes one of the best female voices of the area and they have participated in several folklore and traditional music events.

Parranda de Veneguera

This music group is primarily made up of young people from the area of Veneguera. It includes some of the best singers and musicians in Mogán and plays an important role within the School of Folklore.

They have participated in several events on different islands of the archipelago, as well as in mainland Spain.

El Mocán

This is a pioneer folklore group in the traditional music of Mogán. Made up of young people and adults from the centre of Mogán and nearby areas, the group has made a significant impression both inside and outside of the municipality, taking local culture and traditions everywhere they perform.

They have also been the organisers of major events in the municipality such as the San Antonio Procession and folklore research workshops, as well as a variety of events that they hold every year.

They also have a dance group and have recently undertaken research into traditional and popular dances of the area.

It is evident that Mogán is an area with great musical traditions and with a great deal of effort put into researching and mainting traditional music and customs so that they will be available for future generations. Customs and traditions that have been somewhat forgotten have been restored and more are waiting to be discovered.