Mogán, your warm paradise

Mogán, your warm paradise Mogán vacaciones

Mogán is known for having the best climate in Europe and one of the best in the world thanks to its privileged geographical location. It offers its visitors an average temperature of 24º C all year round and sunshine practically 365 days a year, thus guaranteeing good weather during holidays for all visitors and tourists who come.


Average Temperature

Discover the flavours of Mogán

Mogán is a fishing town that also has large areas of cultivation. It produces extraordinary gastronomic products among which are the great quality and variety of avocados and mangoes as well as the different marine species and fish that you can taste when they are freshly caught by our seamen and sailors.

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Coast, Beaches and Rural Sites

With more than 16 km, Mogán has a total of 19 magnificent beaches for all tastes, from unusual and tranquil like Almud, Los Frailes, Tiritañas or Veneguera, to beaches with a diversity of services such as Amadores, Anfi, Playa de Mogán, Puerto Rico, Las Marañuelas or Taurito.

If you are away from the coast, Mogán also possesses hidden wealth and beauty in the interior of its mountains and ravines where the friendliness of its inhabitants make neighborhoods in Veneguera, Barranquillo Andrés and Soria a pleasure...


Patron Saint Festivities

There are several fiestas or festivals to be seen in the municipality of Mogán, which take up most of the summer months. Some of these fiestas are more important than others, with more tradition and a greater following among the faithful.

The fiestas in the municipality begin on May 30 in honour of Our Lady, Nuestra Señora María Auxiliadora, in Motor Grande, Puerto Rico, and end in August with an early fiesta for Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Concepción (Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception) in Bar...

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