Our warm paradise is an oasis of tranquillity only when you want it to be. When you don't, it's also a place full of leisure, activity and adventure all year round.

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In Mogán we love a balanced life. That is why it is your ideal destination both for relaxation and for being active all the time. Our sea and mountains always offer you the ideal conditions to enjoy many activities. Come and practice your favourite hobbies or try new ones in a unique environment.

365 days of water activities

Good weather all year round and calm, safe waters make our coastline the perfect setting to enjoy a wide range of water sports and activities at any time of the year. Scuba diving, jet skiing, jet skiing, fly boarding, water skiing, parasailing, paddle surfing, kayaking or sailing trips are just some of the many options. On our beaches you have a world of possibilities to experience the sea intensely.

Nature on foot and on wheels

Mogán’s privileged natural environment invites you to discover it at close quarters, without rushing, and it is also an ideal place for both amateur and professional physical activity. Our mountains are full of routes for hiking and trail running, and the orography of the terrain makes road and mountain biking another great attraction with spectacular views and mountain passes to conquer. Choose your route to explore our beautiful landscapes.

Sporting spirit

And if overcoming challenges is your thing, Mogán offers you the most attractive ones. Throughout the year we hold sporting events such as the Arguineguín popular race, the Eufemiano Verde swim crossing, the Mogán Open Challenge and the Challenge Mogán triathlon. Get ready to break your limits or simply enjoy a day full of good feelings and a great atmosphere.

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What are you looking for?