Our warm paradise reaches its full splendour on the coast. 10 miles of beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, rich marine life and plenty of activities.

The soul of Mogán


A beach lover's paradise

The waters of the great Atlantic Ocean bathe our rugged rocky coastline, dotted with small and large oases of tranquillity and fun. Up to 19 beaches await you with open arms all year round thanks to our exceptional climate. Each with its own beauty, each with a different charm: crystal clear waters, golden sand and volcanic sand, remote coves or central beaches with all kinds of services… There are many ways to enjoy the beach and they are all here.

Relax, intensity or all at once

Whether you want a relaxing day or a day full of emotions, our beaches offer you the plan you are looking for. The orography and variety of our coastline invites you to discover unspoilt coves where you can enjoy privacy and tranquillity, and also to enjoy beaches with a wide range of leisure, restaurants, activities and water sports.

Natural beauty at sight...

The attraction of our beaches is undoubtedly due to the stunning surroundings in which they are located. Deep ravines stretching down to the sea, the immensity of the ocean, calm waters contrasting with majestic cliffs… Everything contributes to create a striking and evocative landscape that remains etched in the memory.

... And hidden natural beauty

The rocky coastline with towering cliffs is breathtakingly beautiful. But our coastline holds many more hidden secrets. If we dive into the water we will find a world full of life. The marine strip of Mogán is a specially protected area inhabited by numerous marine species of incalculable value, a perfect place for snorkelling or scuba diving, with an enclosed area where fishing is permitted. The icing on the cake is dolphin and whale watching, one of the greatest spectacles that our destination has in store for you.

Mogán invites you to immerse yourself in a great experience.

How do you want to live it?

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?