Your little paradise is very big when it comes to nature. We welcome you to one of the most spectacular environments you can imagine.

A monumental setting


Enter paradise

To visit Mogán is to enter a natural paradise. Time has sculpted the most impressive landscapes and the island’s climate has created a great ecological diversity both in the sea and in the mountains. The beauty of our coastline and beaches continues inland. A unique opportunity to enjoy nature in all its immensity.

Thousands of hectares of nature reserve

Mogán is the second largest municipality in Gran Canaria and 38% of its territory is made up of three Protected Natural Spaces: the Inagua Nature Reserve, the Nublo Rural Park and the Tauro Natural Monument. There are thousands of hectares for you to disconnect, do sport or simply let yourself be carried away admiring the beautiful views. To these spaces must be added the specially protected marine area, habitat of a rich variety of marine species, which makes the municipality a great biosphere reserve.

Land of contrasts

Few places have such a charming maritime, rural and mountain atmosphere so close together. In just a few miles our town goes from sea level to more than 1,500 metres above sea level at its highest point, creating a whole world of contrasting landscapes within a very short distance. Rugged peaks and large ravines define this monumental environment. Numerous routes and trails will allow you to discover our unique landscapes on foot or by bike, and from the roads that connect the different centres of the municipality you will also be able to contemplate the incredible panoramic views.

A sanctuary full of life

The spectacular nature of the great landscapes is maintained when we take a closer look. Our territory is populated by numerous species of animals and vegetation that you will only find here, forming a rich ecosystem that allows the observation of a great variety of terrestrial and marine fauna. Life fills Mogán with character and exoticism.

Mogán connects you with nature.

Do you want to feel it?

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?