In our warm paradise we have a lot to celebrate. Join in the festivities and fairs that show you the most authentic spirit of Mogán.

A village with a great atmosphere

Festivals and fairs

We are celebrating

People come here to celebrate. The different towns that make up our municipality celebrate numerous popular festivals throughout the year, especially from May to September. That’s why you have many opportunities to discover our most authentic essence. In Mogán the festive atmosphere permeates the streets.

Our Patron Saint Festivities

On the 13th of June San Antonio de Padua in Mogán, in the middle of July the Fiestas del Carmen in the seaside neighbourhoods of Arguineguín and Playa de Mogán, on the 15th of August Nuestra Señora de Fátima in Veneguera, at the beginning of September San Andrés and the Inmaculada Concepción in Barranquillo Andrés y Soria, are some of our most important patron saint festivals. Each one with its own traditions and the participation of all the neighbours.

What you can't miss

Many good moments await you at our fiestas. These include the pilgrimage of San Antonio de Padua, where traditional costumes are worn, beautiful offerings are made and you can witness the shepherd’s leap on the slopes of the ravines, all accompanied by rum, papas arrugadas, mojo picón and many more traditional dishes. The maritime procession of Carmen is another big event, with the perfectly decorated fishing boats and delicious grilled fish. The descent of the branch of Arguineguín goes through the streets of the village to the sound of music for 3 hours, with water thrown from the balconies to cool off. We encourage you to participate and share these moments of joy with us.

Our trade fairs

If the festive atmosphere is combined with the most delicious of our gastronomy, the enjoyment is doubled. In addition to the patron saint festivities, we hold fairs dedicated to the most prized products of our land and sea. Taste our delicacies at the Summer Mango and Avocado Fair, the Seafood Gastronomy Fair, the Tuna Fair and the Winter Avocado Fair.

Mogán is celebrating.

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What are you looking for?