Our little paradise has a very distant origin in history, but its legacy is very present in the region and in our way of being.

Islander character

Culture and Heritage

A very present past

From the most remote past to the present day, Mogán has forged a spirit in which the warmth of the land is reflected in the warmth of the people. It can be seen in our traditions and also in our architecture and gastronomy. Beyond the beaches and our incredible landscapes, there is a whole world that invites to be discovered little by little.

The oldest Mogán

The site of the coastal settlement of Lomo de los Gatos on the beach of Mogán takes us back to the time of the ancient Canary Islanders. This valuable archaeological site dates back 1,600 years and is one of the best examples of this period in the Canary Islands. The archaeological site also allows you to learn about the culture of the first settlers of Mogán, with different workshops and activities throughout the year.

Rich physical heritage...

The traditional farmhouses and the Molino Quemado windmill, the oldest in the region and probably the largest in Gran Canaria, are also architectural elements that connect us with another time. Traditional Canarian architecture can be seen throughout the municipality, especially in the village of Veneguera with its houses made of stone, mud, lime and wood, or the Casa del Curato in Mogán.

... And rich human heritage

The island character is not only seen in the architecture. It is most noticeable in our customs and our personality. That is why our greatest heritage is our human heritage. The richness of our gastronomy, the lively neighbourhood atmosphere, our fiestas, the carnivals and local sports as curious as the shepherd’s leap (salto del pastor) or Canarian wrestling (lucha canaria), are just some examples of this character. The best thing, of course, is for you to experience it first hand by immersing yourself in the life of Mogán. 

Mogán shows you its essence.

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What are you looking for?