Your little paradise could not be lacking in good gastronomy. Our delicacies? As a seafaring town, the best blue fish and as a gift from the land, our famous avocados and mangos.

A delightful village


Variety and good taste

When it’s time to sit down at the table, we have a lot of everything and for all tastes: from the most typical and homemade food to the highest cuisine. Try the rich traditional Canarian dishes, the best of Mediterranean cuisine or the highlights of international cuisine. We have a wide variety of proposals including two Michelin stars. The wide culinary offer, the close contact with the ocean and long stretches of cultivated land make Mogán a pleasure for the palate.

The riches of the sea

Every day our ports receive the most precious fish from the ocean. Tuna, samas, bocinegros, amberjacks, bream… Traditional fishing provides us with a wide variety of fish freshly caught by our fishermen’s guilds, the two largest in Gran Canaria. Delight yourself with the flavours of a town that looks at the ocean and feeds from it with pieces of the highest gastronomic value, authentic and completely fresh delicacies.

The fruit of tradition

The natural landscapes surrounding Mogán are not only uniquely beautiful, they also provide us with our tasty avocados and mangos, which are well known and appreciated throughout the island. The climate, the orography and the location of the village have allowed us to harvest a wide variety of seasonal fruits of excellent quality for centuries. Exquisite treats that also tell a lot about our history.

Savour the best atmosphere

In Mogán good food is also a reason to celebrate. That’s why throughout the year you can enjoy our delicious products at the Mango and Avocado Fair in summer, the Seafood Gastronomy Fair, the Tuna Fair and the Avocado Fair in winter. Always with the best atmosphere, in the company of the neighbours of the town.

Mogán is going to taste great.

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What are you looking for?